Hiking Group

Searching for Hikers

The UUSM hiking group is ready to venture out from our Covid caves to see what interest there is in a hike. Solstice Canyon?

Len, Ernie, and Marguerite

Memorial Finale for Pipes Distinguished Lecture Series

The Pipes Lecture Series will have its Finale on Saturday, May 7 at 5:30 pm in the Sanctuary with memorials to three pillars of the lecture series committee, Leonard Adler, Rev. Ernie Pipes, and Marguerite Spears. Entertainment will be provided by accomplished gospel musicians Linda Alvarez, Severn Behnen, and William Bryant.

Let’s Delve into the 7 UU Principles Together!

Could we use our principles as a guide when we don’t agree on something? Can they help guide us in how we carry ourselves with fellow humans? Amy Brunell facilitates a new workshop Sun., March 6, “UU Principles — How do they go beyond an ideal?”